Many university graduates who want to apply to companies, are deeply insecure and sometimes even intimidated by the high demands of job advertisements.

There is no doubt that an application is a difficult task. Because it is about putting together not only your own training path including internships and professional experience on a few pages, but also that your own application among many others stands out.

Experienced recruiters or HR managers are overwhelmed by applications. On the one hand, there is a large surplus of applicants in many areas of work, on the other hand, some candidates in times of PDF applications tend to apply for a variety of jobs, with only the cover letter is slightly changed. Unsolicited applications – those in which a company is contacted spontaneously without a job being advertised – are on the increase today.

Therefore, the review of each CV will be devoted to just a few minutes. To simplify their work, HR managers follow simple rules and define some knockout criteria that make many applications disappear immediately. These include errors in addressing, content problems, major gaps in the CV or a too colloquial tone.

An application should neither exaggerate nor be characterized by false modesty, after all, it is about a realistic and credible representation of their own skills, knowledge and experience. An application should emanate sovereignty and motivation and convince the future employer that the advertised represents an asset to the company.

In the meantime, a number of companies also offer targeted help in preparing applications. Ghostwriters can create these letters on the basis of key words or even put the finishing touches to already formulated applications. This is a smart option for many customers. The investment is likely to pay off, but it increases the chances for the success of the application and thus for the career considerably.