Vietnam - 2015-04-19-20_12_55

Danang at night

I wanted to post this after I had managed to edit a video of the dragon, but seeing as how I have not done any video editing....Here's Danang at night. Location: Danang, Vietnam…

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Vietnam - 2015-04-03-15_39_26

Vietnam, some temples part 1

Yeah I was in Vietnam, and apparently I went to a lot of temples. I mean damn - how many temples are there? Enough that I've gotten tired of trying to decide if the pictures are even interesting. They probably aren't, but I after going through roughly half I've decided…

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Hong Kong, More than expected

So when the communists in Vietnam decided I couldn't extend my visa there was a choice to be made. I had to leave, then come back in order to spend more time here, but....where to. My original thought was to take a cheap flight to Thailand, stay a day…

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Prague Pub, Hanoi Vietnam

Randomly seen in Hanoi

I was in a hurry so didn't stop in to try for nakládaný hermelín, but damn I'm going to hate myself if I don't go back and ask. The only Czech beer listed outside though was Staropramen, which will be a damn sight better than anything I've had in Vietnam…

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Vietnam - 2015-04-26-13_25_56

The communists are forcing me to go to Hong Kong

When I came to Vietnam with my simple 3 month multiple entry visa I was under the impression that I would be able to extend for another 3 months. Google search after Google search confirmed this, forums, reddit, everywhere I looked. Alas however, this is not the case. First I…

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Fyuse - A new type of Photo app I'm using

A few months ago I stumbled on this app and I've started to like it more and more. Basically it allows you to take a panoramic shot, that includes movement. It's a hard concept to grasp until you see it in action, I've included a few of my examples but…

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Yes, this exists

Birds Nest and White Fungus, two things that should not make a drink. And good lord it's slimey. I don't think I can finish it. Location: Ha Tien, Vietnam…

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New Post, Several countries later

4 months, that's right it's apparently been 4 months since I last posted. Let's see, the last post was from somewhere in Spain. I've since driven back from Spain to Prague, spent a couple of months, then moved 2 weeks ago to Vietnam. I can even prove that last part…

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La Sagrada WTF?

Every once in a while I stumble on something that is so ridiculous that I wonder how I lived life without having ever heard of it. A few weeks ago I was in Barcelona, not expecting much, though the city is nice I'm at a point where building, monuments, pretty…

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I slept, they sported

Those who know me, know I'm a sporting fanatic. I love to watch sweaty men get sweatier while doing various sweaty things. So when I had the chance to have a hotel room overlook a place where they play soccer, football, or whatever local term you prefer - I said…

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