Vietnam - 2015-04-26-13_25_56

The communists are forcing me to go to Hong Kong

When I came to Vietnam with my simple 3 month multiple entry visa I was under the impression that I would be able to extend for another 3 months. Google search after Google search confirmed this, forums, reddit, everywhere I looked. Alas however, this is not the case. First I…

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Fyuse - A new type of Photo app I'm using

A few months ago I stumbled on this app and I've started to like it more and more. Basically it allows you to take a panoramic shot, that includes movement. It's a hard concept to grasp until you see it in action, I've included a few of my examples but…

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Yes, this exists

Birds Nest and White Fungus, two things that should not make a drink. And good lord it's slimey. I don't think I can finish it. Location: Ha Tien, Vietnam…

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New Post, Several countries later

4 months, that's right it's apparently been 4 months since I last posted. Let's see, the last post was from somewhere in Spain. I've since driven back from Spain to Prague, spent a couple of months, then moved 2 weeks ago to Vietnam. I can even prove that last part…

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La Sagrada WTF?

Every once in a while I stumble on something that is so ridiculous that I wonder how I lived life without having ever heard of it. A few weeks ago I was in Barcelona, not expecting much, though the city is nice I'm at a point where building, monuments, pretty…

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I slept, they sported

Those who know me, know I'm a sporting fanatic. I love to watch sweaty men get sweatier while doing various sweaty things. So when I had the chance to have a hotel room overlook a place where they play soccer, football, or whatever local term you prefer - I said…

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Small world, mostly unvisited

One reason I decided to self host this seldom updated, and rarely visited blog is because I've grown tired of websites randomly deciding to shut down and dissappear with any data or work I had put into it. Until sometime last year, or maybe even the year before, I had…

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What things you can find

As I've been recently very rudely reminded, it has now been 20 years since I left my parents home. Despite all that time I still have a box of random belongings, mostly old comic books. Yes, in the early 90's I fell for the comic craze and bought what I…

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I'm an environmentalist and you should get sterilized

One of the greatest series on right now, Utopia. This scene epitomizes the tone without giving away the story. It's the opening scene to the last episode of the second season, and yet another reason I can give when breeders ask me why I don't want children. If it peaks…

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American Doctors are Greedy Pricks

What is wrong with this country? I've been on 8 local doctors websites around Georgetown trying to find the answer to a simple question - what is the price of a visit? It would be nice if I could also find out if they are open to writing prescriptions as…

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